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IOSH Fire Safety For Managers


The IOSH Fire Safety for Managers is at the cutting edge of fire safety training for managers and supervisors.

This course is designed for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organisation worldwide, who require an awareness of fire safety. They won’t suddenly become fire safety experts – but they’ll get up-to-speed on the practical actions they need to take, and gain the knowledge and tools to tackle the relevant fire safety issues they’re responsible for. Importantly, Fire Safety for Managers makes a powerful case for fire safety being an integral part of day-to-day management and business.

You’ll find a practical programme, full of step-by-step guidance, and a sharp business focus. But you’ll also find that the content engages and inspires your staff – critical to getting the message embedded across the whole organisation.

Key content:

  • Employers responsibilities
  • Fire and fire safety measures
  • Assessing fire risk
  • Creating a fire safety culture

Why it works:

  • Designed for managers and supervisors in any sector and in any organisation worldwide
  • Provides the knowledge and tools required to tackle fire safety issues
  • Flexible delivery options to suit your business - the course only takes one day to complete
  • Efficient and effective learning fire basics are covered in a single programme

What to expect:

  • Memorable, thought-provoking facts and case studies from across the globe
  • Modules backed by clear examples and recognisable scenarios
  • Summaries to reinforce key points
  • Checklists and other materials that you can take back to the workplace to manage fire safety issues
  • Practical exercise based on the operations of a real business
  • Successful delegates are awarded an IOSH Fire Safety for Managers certificate
  • View a sample of the delegate workbook

Top 5 business benefits:

Fire Safety for Managers will help your organisation:

  • Minimise fire risk in the workplace
  • Improve your fire safety culture
  • Activate staff involvement to improve the workplace
  • Achieve an internationally recognised and respected certification for managers and supervisors
  • Enhance its reputation within the supply chain.

Top 5 delegate benefits:

By attending this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Integrate fire safety as part of day-to-day management
  • Understand your responsibilities for fire prevention
  • Assess fire risks
  • Measure your own performance
  • Adopt fire safety good practice.


Assessments are designed to evaluate delegates' understanding of the course content and include a multi-format question paper.

Qualifications / certification:

Successful delegates are awarded an IOSH Fire Safety for Managers certificate.

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