Emergency and First Aid At Work Training Courses

If you are looking for first aid training courses, then look no further than the Emergency First Aid and First Aid at Work courses offered by SHEQ Training.

Our courses are available in our training centres, or we can provide bespoke in-house training courses at your location.

Our courses cover a range of topics including first aid for choking, bleeding, burns and more. The Emergency First Aid course is designed for those who want a basic understanding of first aid, while the First Aid at Work course is more comprehensive and ideal for those who work in high-risk environments and need the skills and confidence to apply workplace first aid.

So whether you need refresher first aid training or are looking to gain new skills, our courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with first aid situations.

First Aid Approved Training Provider

What types of Emergency First Aid training courses do we provide?

SHEQ Training provide a wide range of first aid training courses. For more information or to book one of our courses online, click the course titles below.

Emergency First Aid course for those with basic first aid knowledge

The Emergency First Aid at Work course is perfect for those who have basic first aid knowledge and want to refresh their skills or learn more about first aid. The course covers a range of topics, from first aid for choking and bleeding to burns and more.

This course is also the best option for those who want a comprehensive understanding of first aid.

The more comprehensive First Aid at Work course

The First Aid at Work course is more comprehensive than the Emergency First Aid course. It covers all first aid emergencies, from minor cuts and scrapes to heart attacks and strokes. It also includes CPR training and AED training.

Why choose SHEQ Training to deliver your First Aid Courses?

We offer a range of flexible training options, including open courses, In-House courses, and online courses. We also provide a range of training courses for other organisations and industry bodies, for further information please view our range of approved training courses.