NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award

The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award training course is an essential course for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of workplace safety and health.

This award aims to provide participants with the skills needed to identify hazards and take appropriate action to control risks in their workplace. It also prepares them to support others in managing health and safety.

NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award

What is the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award?

The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award provides a best practice introduction to workplace health, safety, and risk that is relevant to all industry sectors.

The course content is delivered in an understandable and accessible way and will help you to: 

  • gain an awareness of common workplace hazards so you can help to implement or maintain your organisation’s health and safety management system
  • gain practical skills that can help keep yourself and others safe
  • apply the principles of risk assessment
  • have a positive impact on health and safety in your workplace.
  • This is a replacement qualification for the Health and Safety at Work Qualification.

Training course programme & duration

The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award looks at everyday solutions for general workplace health and safety issues. 

Through your studies, you will gain knowledge and practical health and safety skills. This will enable you to:

  • understand why health and safety needs to be managed, ensuring effective processes are in place
  • inspect the workplace, recognising common hazards, evaluating risk, recommending controls measures and assigning actions
  • understand why incidents happen and how to investigate them.
  • NEBOSH Learning Partners offer a variety of flexible course formats, including in-company options, so training can be arranged according to business need.  

This qualification has a minimum of 18 taught hours, two hours of self-study and a recommendation of three hours for the assessment.

Course assessments and examination

After completing the course, you will be asked to complete a workplace health and safety review which:

  • Considers how health and safety is managed, and how it could be done better
  • Identifies health and safety issues, how they are controlled and if the risk can be reduced
  • Select the most important issue for improvement

This assessment is designed to test your ability to put into practice what you have learnt and, as it is carried out in the workplace, can add instant value to your organisation.

Once you have achieved a pass, a qualification parchment will be issued within 20 working days of the confirmation of the successful unit.

Who is NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award suitable for?

Anyone who needs to understand the principles of health and safety as part of their job will benefit from taking this qualification including:  

  • Team leaders and supervisors,
  • HR professionals,
  • Facilities managers.

It provides a valuable overview, which can act as a sound basis for further study. 

The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award can help you to: 

  • Reduce incident and injury rates, and the associated lost time and absence
  • Foster greater health and safety awareness amongst employees
  • Improve employee engagement and enhance safety culture
  • Secure higher levels of compliance with organisational safety measures
  • Protect the business from the reputational damage caused by health and safety failures.

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