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IATP Non-Licensed Asbestos

Course Overview

Since April 2012 it is possible to carry out certain asbestos works without a licence. There are three different types of work with Asbestos, Non-Licensed, Notifiable Non-Licensed and Licensed Asbestos Work.

No matter what industry you work within, wherever asbestos may be disturbed, asbestos awareness training is a mandatory requirement.

The IATP (Formally Category B): Non-Licenced Works course is recommended for those who may need to carry out non-licenced and notifiable non-licenced asbestos removal. The training delivers the knowledge needed for removing asbestos safely, providing the knowhow to implement the necessary controls required to complete the work.

This course is a brilliant course to undertake even if you are looking to move on to more technical requirements of asbestos removal, such as licensed removal.

Anybody who already carries out non-licenced work can also use this course as an annual refresher.

Course duration

The course is delivered over a day.

Course Content

The course is split into two parts over the day and on successful completion you will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • The history of asbestos and asbestos regulations
  • The properties and types of asbestos and where they may occur
  • Health concerns and the increased risks to smokers
  • General procedures to deal with an emergency release of fibres.
  • How to avoid risks from asbestos
  • Operations likely to disturb asbestos
  • The risk assessment process
  • Safe Working practices, control measures and the use of protective equipment.
  • Reporting procedures
  • Selection of correct RPE and PPE, and correct fitting and use including face fitting of masks.
  • Hygiene and decontamination procedures and disposal

Course assessments

To effectively progress and complete the programme, individuals will be required to have knowledge and understanding relevant to all assessment criteria, a multiple-choice assessment is required along with a practical assessment.


The IATP Non-licensed Course lasts for 1 year from the course completion date.

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26/08/2022 - 26/08/2022 (1 day)
Yeovil Training Centre

£150.00 per person

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